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Importance of Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Having a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is beneficial for your child’s health. Researchers found that PCPs provide better management of health issues and a higher level of satisfaction with their care.

Kids’ Medical Care can help you choose a PCP. Your KMC PCP wants to become your partner to optimize your child’s health care needs. Your KMC PCP will help coordinate your child’s overall care including preventive care and acute care for illnesses. Over time, your PCP will get to know your child and be more adept at detecting health care issues sooner and more accurately.

KMC has a “health care team” that will assist in providing quality health care. KMC PCP will ensure that other physicians and members of the team also know your medical history. All KMC PCPs are board-certified Pediatricians. KMC’s health care team can provide care in both English and Spanish.

KMC makes an effort to accommodate preventative care appointment requests within a few days. KMC makes an effort to accommodate all acute care appointment requests within 24 hours. KMC seldom has a long wait time in the waiting room. KMC provides routine office hours as well as extended office hours. Therefore, there are many reasons to avail yourself of KMC for all your pediatric needs.

KMC PCP’s and heath care team will be able to provide personalized care for your child. KMC discourages the use of alternative venues such as urgent cares or emergency rooms for your child’s care. Your child’s insurance likely requires annual physicals. Regularly visiting KMC PCPs helps you to look out for your child’s health and well-being—not just for today—but also for your child’s future.

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