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MISSION STATEMENT: Kids’ Medical Care (KMC) is a patient-centered, family-focused pediatric practice dedicated to the health and wellness of the patients we serve. We strive to treat all our patients and families with kindness and respect. Our physicians and staff are committed to comprehensive, personal healthcare centered on your children and partnering with the parents to ensure all of your child’s medical needs are met. KMC cares for our patients as a "whole person" and considers the family in medical decisions. KMC strives to give the best quality medical care. All providers are board certified Pediatricians and participate in continuing education. KMC provides medical care based on evidence supported by medical literature and research. KMC provides patients with specific education to assist self-management of their health issues. KMC will help you understand treatment plans and medications. KMC pediatricians strive to listen to all your concerns and answer all your questions.

SERVICES: KMC provides comprehensive pediatric care. KMC provides well child physicals, sports physicals, infant care, immunizations, sick care, urgent care, circumcisions, tongue-tie removal, CLIA waived lab tests; nebulizer treatments, tympanograms, developmental screening, vision and hearing testing. Patients requiring specialist attention will be referred to an appropriate specialist. KMC evaluate patient’s mental and behavioral healthcare needs as required. Mental health and behavioral health issues are referred to an appropriate neurologist or community psychiatrist.

OFFICE HOURS: Our office hours are posted on the door and on our website. KMC provides regular and extended hours on weekdays. KMC is closed on weekend and major holidays. Office closures due to holidays or hurricanes will be posted on the door and website.

APPOINTMENTS: KMC offers appointments for the following: well check, routine sick, urgent, immunizations, school physicals, sports physicals, circumcisions, tongue-tie correction. KMC will try to accommodate urgent appointment requests on the same-day. KMC will accommodate routine visits within one week. KMC will accommodate annual well check physicals appointments usually within 1 week and certainly, no later than within thirty days. KMC will remind patients no later than 48 hours prior to their appointments by either text or phone. Patients are encouraged to confirm their appointment or change their appointment as soon as possible. Patients are encouraged to make cancellation at least 24 hours prior to their appointment. Please, remember that a missed appointment prevented another child from receiving care. KMC may dismiss patients who routinely no-show or cancel appointments on the same day. Same day cancellations or no show may incur a fee.

TELEPHONE SERVICE: Your phone call will always be answered by a KMC staff member. KMC does not use an automated phone messaging system during regular office hours. KMC staff will handle your call with a personal touch. Patients will not be forced to leave messages on human-less voicemails. Parents may contact the office to ask clinical questions, schedule an appointment, or for any other question at any time during office hours. If a clinical staff is unavailable at the time of your call, parents may leave a message with the staff and a pediatrician will make an effort to contact you by the end of the day. Parents may request urgent appointments at any time during the day.

AFTER-HOURS CARE: Parents may call the office and leave a message on the voicemail for after-office hours clinical questions. Parents are instructed to follow the direction given on the after-hours voice-mail. An on-call pediatrician will return your message within 45 minutes. After-hours phone messages are answered by KMC on-call pediatrician. If the physician determines that your medical concern requires immediate attention, you will be referred to the closest pediatric emergency room or urgent care. If the physician determines that your medical concern may be deferred until regular office hours, you may be given temporary medical advice and recommended to make the next available appointment. Patients are encouraged to provide KMC’s contact information to all after-hours medical providers.

LANGUAGE: KMC has Spanish speaking pediatricians. KMC staff is bilingual for Spanish. All forms and educational material are available in Spanish. KMC can also provide Hindi language services. KMC cannot provide interpretative services for any other language.

REFERRALS: Most insurance require a Primary Care Provider (PCP) referral to all specialist, out-patient rehabilitation and behavioral health specialists. In general, no referrals are required for dental, routine obstetrics and gynecology and podiatry services. Patients must be evaluated and the medical indication for a referral must be documented to obtain a referral. KMC will carefully choose an appropriate specialist based on your insurance requirements and quality of care. KMC will coordinate patient care with the various specialties and behavioral health specialists as necessary.

EQUAL ACCESS: KMC provides equal access to all patients regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, disability or source of payment. KMC accepts assignment from many insurance companies including Medicaid; Florida Healthy Kids, and many private insurances. KMC provides contact information for Medicaid and Florida Healthy Kids insurance coverage for uninsured patients. Contact information for Medicaid, Florida Healthy Kids and Department of Children and Families are displayed in the waiting room and in writing as requested.

MEDICAL RECORDS REQUESTS: KMC will follow all HIPAA, and Florida Privacy laws. All medical records release forms must be received in writing and HIPAA compliant. KMC will gladly provide you with our own Protected Health Information (PHI) release form upon request. Medical records requests will be attended to as soon as possible. However, a response is permitted up to 30 days pursuant to law. If the total number of medical record pages is large and burdensome, KMC may ask for a copying fee as permitted by Florida law.

PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY: Patients agree to comply with the following:

  1. Patients are asked to always treat all staff members with kindness and respect.
  2. Patients are asked to provide updated contact information i.e. address, telephone, email, and insurance information at every office visit.
  3. Patients are asked to pay their balances, co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles at the time of their visits.
  4. Patients are asked to provide updated information about health information i.e. allergies; medications (including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal) and other physician encounters at each visit.
  5. Patients are asked to take an active role in self-management of their child’s healthcare.
  6. Patients are asked to be compliant with all medical advice including taking all medication.
  7. Patients are asked to keep all scheduled appointments and specialty appointments.
  8. Patients are asked to call KMC first with all medical problems and avoid using emergency rooms for non-urgent problems.
  9. Patients are asked to make a follow-up appointment after visiting an emergency room or urgent care.
  10. Patients are asked to provide all discharge summaries; medications; lab and X-rays and contact information from other providers from an outside medical facility so that KMC can arrange to obtain information and coordinate care.
  11. k. Patients must comply with their insurances requirement for ANNUAL Well Child Physicals.

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